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January 08, 2005


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That's all well and good. My approach so far has been to simply comment out the addButton line in the source-code. It's as easy as right-clicking near the logo, choosing view source from the popup menu, locating the line you cited, and putting a "// " in front of it. File>Save, and you're done. Problem is that you have to keep repeating the same "fix" after you generate webhelp. There ought to be a way to make this change to RoboHTML's resources to comment or leave out that addButton line every time.


And here I go answering my own question. I must say, this fix is better than anything else I've been able to find on the web. You comment out a line of code in one place and you never need to deal with the logo again. It's gone, and it won't show up again the next time you generate your webhelp project.
1. Locate your webhelp "template_skin" directory. Mine was at C:\Program Files\RoboHelp Office\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_skin.
2. Find the whtbar.js file and make a backup copy somewhere.
3. Open whtbar.js with Notepad.
4. Find the code block in the addButton function (not addBanner) that starts with 'else if(sType=="banner").' This appears at the end of the addButton function and just before the isShowHideEnable function on my system.
5. Comment out the line in that block that reads "addBanner(sI1);" To comment out the line just type "//" at the start of the line. This prevents the addBanner function from running, but leaves everything else intact.
If you've got RoboHelp running you'll need to exit and restart the program for the changes to take effect.


Here's the way I deal with this issue:

Open the project's .skn file in Notepad. (Make sure it's the .skn file in the "!SkinSubFolder! location and not the output location.)

Locate the following text:

Change that text to:

Close and save the .skn file. (When you save the file in Notepad, make sure the encoding is configured fro ANSI.)

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