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March 22, 2007


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steve jones

I'm finding the email results function doesn't work.
It won't work at all if you publish the quiz to a Breeze server.

When I tried publishing to a web server, I got it to report results in firefox, but not IE. I had a colleague test and they got the opposite result.

BTW, I'm testing this function using the QuizMe.cp I got on the CD with your Captivate book (which has been very helpful).

Any tips you can share to make this work? From reading the Adobe Captivate forums, I'm not sure if the email quiz results really works.

Peter J

I do wish people would stop reporting this as working. Sending scores via email doesnt work with Captivate 2

K J Berger

When I try this (with 8 questions) Captivate attempts to send an email for each question. How do I get it to send only the final results and not the individual results?



Thanks for the trick

Via Cp 3 I still have 2 problem:

Captivate automatically adds subject=Results: date of the day is the subject field
and the results of the quiz/test in the content

However, I don't want them to appear (only want to see how many students have taken the test).

Any idea how I can solve that?



I need to give the user the ability to email their score to the trainer. The email is generated but there is no information in the body or attached ( I tried both options). My test is interactive (all click boxes). not quite sure why this isn't working.


Kevin Siegel

When testing, publish the project and open the HTML file. If you test the email attachments via Preview > Project, you will not get the attachment.



is there a way to get the quiz data to access/excel database ?

Kevin Siegel

Not from within Captivate. However, if you can get the results sent from your users via email as attached ATT files, I have created a utility called CaptivateMyData that will parse the data from Captivate ATT files into Access, Excel or text files.

You can learn more about CaptivateMyData here:

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