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July 24, 2008


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Liquid Bubble Duplication

Nice post.
I would like to add:
Few Major Differences between CD Duplication And Replication

1. While replication refers to the process of making CD or DVD from glass stampers, duplication refers to making CD or DVD by burning data onto easily available recordable media.

2. Replication process can be done only under temperature and dust controlled environment. But, duplication can be carried out in any normal environment such as in the office or at home with the help of CD burners and popular software.

3. Typically, a replication process is considered for runs larger than 1,000 copies, while duplication is usually done for limited or urgent jobs.

4. The discs produced with the process of replication are also of higher quality then that by the process of duplication.

dvd replication

thanks for the post and the comment regarding differences. :)

Joe @ cd replication

If you have the funding and the piece of work you have created is copy protected and highly professional, then creating your CD through injection molding is a good, but expensive option.


Thanks for the blog.
CD Duplication produced CD is cheaper but has less quality than CD developed from the Replication process.

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