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February 18, 2009


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Deb distante

I hope Adobe comes up with something soon. I just bought a new computer this weekend that came with the 64 bit version of Vista and and have been fighting with Captivate on it for three days now. At least now I know for sure that the version of Vista is what the problem is. FYI, neither of the work arounds above worked to solve my problems, which I emailed to you.

Richard Stuart

Thanks again, Kevin, for your courteous and fast reply to my problem with completing the screen capture exercise (5) on page 30 of your workbook. I, too, have a Vista 64-bit machine and like the other poster, neither workaround worked for me.

Just makes you want to rush out and buy Windows 7, doesn't it? :P

As an aside, I like the way the workbook is written and structured--great job!

Kathleen Murphy

Hi Kevin,
I emailed you before about having issues with my Vista 64 bit computer and Captivate and I am still having them even when I have all of the updates installed and I run it as an administrator! I'm trying to record something on my desktop and start menu---and it just hangs and I can't get out of Captivate. Has there been a fix for this yet?
Does upgrading to Windows 7 fix this?
Thank you!


Hi All,

Windows 7 does not fix this issue for me. In fact, I had it working just fine in Vista and then my Windows 7 upgrade killed it. Even compatibility mode won't work.


Eleonora Morrell

Hello Kevin and All,
I wanted to post to agree with Windows 7 issues. I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and Captivate 4. Any screen recording I try to create from the desktop, like create a new folder, will not work. I get the first screen and nothing else, I can't even use my END key to stop the recording. But, all is fine once I am in an application. I have tried all the compatibility settings, etc. Nothing seems to work. Luckily most screen recordings are from within an application.
I will check back to see if Adobe has any solutions.

Also - On a side note, I've been using your training manuals for at least 4 years now. Very nice books, easy to train from. Lots of great info.


Troy Challenger

Try this worked for several of my student's 64 bit machines that were being cranky.
1. Open Captivate. Go to Edit > Settings.
2. Click on "Full Motion Recording"
3. Check the box "Disable hardware acceleration">
4. Click "OK"

-Troy Challenger, California State University, Monterey Bay

Kevin Siegel

Hi Troy... it was a worthy suggestion but I had tried that one already. On a 64-bit system, CP will simply not capture desktop screen actions beyond the first shot. CP5 will be fully compliant but we will have to wait until that version is released (which will happen later this year).

Kevin Siegel

One more thing... those of you using my Captivate Essentials or Advanced books should record something in any program (such as a Web browser) instead of the desktop. That way you will at least be able to record a lesson. In addition, go to your Help menu and select Updates. Adobe has released a few patches that fix some issues with Vista 64-bit systems.

Pamela Dungan

Hurrah! The patches worked :) - AMEN!!

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