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July 21, 2009


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Theera Tongsong

I create 2 buttons to control show-hide images using multiple actions. However I encounter the problem that when the buttons work well but after the click the movie continue. How can I fix the problem. I just want the movie pause at the frame that the buttons for hide/shows exist. I just want to continue with other next button but not automatically continue. Please help
Million thanks in advance
T. Tongsong

Jean Ashley

I also have the same problem as Theera noted above. I have created an advanced action called pauseMovie, where I take the system variable "rdcmndPause" and set its value to 1 (to pause the movie). On the slide where I have the two show/hide buttons, I opened the slide properties and in the "navigation" area, in the "On slide enter" field, I selected "Execute Advanced Action", and in the Action field, I selected the pauseMovie action, but it did not help. I have also tried a variety of "on slide exit" selections, and they have not worked either. Apart from creating a really advanced action with conditional statements, I can't think of a way to keep the movie from moving to the next slide after both the hide/show buttons have been clicked.

Matt Baum

I'm also running into the same issue as Theera noted. I've tried to work around the issue by creating a "Pause" widget that sets rdcmndPause=1 and then placing that widget on the slide where I want to pause the Captivate movie. This works in terms of pausing the movie at that point, but to get the movie going again, I have to place another widget in there that plays the Captivate movie by setting rdcmndResume=1. This all seems a bit ridiculous to me - there has to be an easier way to circumvent the default "continue" behavior that occurs when clicking a button.

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