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December 22, 2009


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I don't understand why someone would consider the iPhone as a viable mLearning platform. What company do you know issues its employees an iPhone? Just about every company I've dealt with is standardized on Blackberry or, to a lesser extent, Windows Mobile-based phones for their mobile platform.

Until this splintering of the marketplace is figured out, or there is real traction of iPhone in the corporate world (won't happen!), then any discussion of iPhone in regards to mLearning is strictly a niche market. Perhaps lynda.com can make money by creating mLearning for the iPhone because a large share of her customers might have one, but the real world doesn't have that luxury : )

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It will be interesting to see how social media and ecommerce develop into "social commerce", especially in conjunction with the increase use of mobile phones. With more people connecting and sharing info via mobile phones. This creates increased opportunities to engage consumers any where and any time they want. People can share product reviews and product links via their cell phones.

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