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March 29, 2010


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Good, thanks. But try this one... I have four buttons, and I want to show/hide 4 different images all on a click not a rollover... how do you do that?? Or is it even possible in Captivate 4??

Lori Smith

You do it with a Multiple Action.
For your button OnSuccess, scroll down.... all the way to the bottom and choose Multiple Action. Click the ... to the right and add in as many show/hide/commands as you please. The concept is covered in IconLogic's Captivate 4: Beyond the Essentials book, module 8.


Hi! I am quite new to Captivate. Is it possible to have forced learning in Captivate. I have many click buttons and their success captions on a screen. How do I ensure that the next button ( to go to the next slide) gets enabled only after the learner has clicked on all the buttons and read the captions?

Kevin Siegel

I would suggest using hiding objects by default and then using Captivate's Multi-Action feature to show hidden objects (which will make them available to click) once other buttons have been clicked.


I would like to know if there is a way to have multiple "success captions". In captivate I need to have the person enter a number as the answer and then the "success caption" would come up with a set of numbers. I need the success caption to just lottery the set of numbers that come up. i only need a set of ten.

Thank you.

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