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April 06, 2010


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Matt Watson

I have been upgraded from Frame 7 to Frame 9. How do I link Frame 9 to my existing structured templates?


I just upgraded from FrameMaker 7 to FrameMaker 10. What is the right way to convert existing documents?
I tried saving each file as a .mif in Frame 7 and opening it in Frame 10 and saving in Frame 10 but when I try to open the file from the book file, it says it's opening a release 7 version of the file??

Barb Binder

You can just open each chapter into 10, and save the file. You won't be able to update your book until all the chapters have been saved as v10 files.

Barb Binder

Rose: you can simply open each FrameMaker 7 document in FrameMaker 10, and save the file. (Or open the book, and use Shift + File > Open All Files in Book, followed by Shift + File > Close all Files in Book.) Once they are all saved as v10 files, you will be able to update your book.


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