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May 17, 2010


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Lori - this is very helpful, Thanks! I have another impossible task that I hope you can help with. How do you setup a review feature to only review some of the quiz questions? I have both written questions (T/F and MC) and a hands-on part of the quiz with scored interactions. I want the student to only be able to review the written quiz questions. Is this possible?

Lori Smith

Hi Ron,

First, make sure the written questions are sequentially after the T/F and the MC questions. Create a variable called InReview. OnEnter of the Quiz Results slide (slide properties) , Assign InReview 1

Create an advanced action that looks like:

If InReview is equal to 1
Jump to slide FirstWrittenQuestionSlide
End If

name the action checkReviewStatus

go to the FIRST quiz slide in the quiz and have the slide properties OnEnter, Execute Advanced Action, checkReviewStatus.

What *should* happen is that once the user clicks the Review Quiz button, it will jump to the first quiz slide which will then jump to the first written question. I have not tested it, but this process should work. The only problem is that the user may see a little blip while the program jumps.

Good Luck!

Louise Freeman

Hi Lori

Thanks for supplying such straightforward steps to follow, makes my life a lot easier! Unfortunately, whilst testing my first quiz video, I've found that sometimes the feedback messages or hotspots are not being shown unless you use the navigation buttons and click Back then Next. This happens when viewing the published video in an EXE or as HTML files in IE and Firefox. Any advice or suggestions would be great!
Thanks, Louise

Lori Smith

Hi Louise,

Not really sure I understand the trouble your having. You can email me directly with more info and I'll see if I can get to the crux of the problem. [email protected]

Renee Thorkelson

On this topic, sort of, after being able to Review Quiz all throughout developing my project, suddenly this feature does not work. When I click the "Review Quiz" button I am taken back to the question slides but each slide is blank. Only the slide numbers/progress are showing. Then, on some slides, the title caption is present. I cannot figure out what I have done or changed. What I know for certain is that the review was working up until a day or two ago. Can you please help? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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