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May 25, 2010


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Great blog, however you have just confused me more :)

My corporation is setting up an elearning division. I have selected my LMS (Moodle), a provider to do the hosting, a team of SME's and developers; but the one thing I can not decide on is the authoring tool.

I am really torn between Articulate and Captivate. Do I buy one, do I buy both? Watching Joe Deegan's presentation (http://screenr.com/MNA) on integrating the two packages certainly makes me wonder. I work for a software company so simulations will play a large part. We will also be focusing on internal career development programs so a good assessment question functionality is required. Would it make sense to use both?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Kevin Siegel

Articulate is really used to make PowerPoint presenations SCORM compliant and allow you to include quizzes. I would compare it to Presenter, not Captivate. Captivate allows you to create eLearning without the need for PowerPoint and also allows you to create killer interactive software simulations. If it were me, I would bypass Articulate and stick with Presenter and Captivate. This video might prove very useful: http://blogs.adobe.com/rjacquez/2010/04/adobe_captivate_and_adobe_pres.html


I can not resize my panels. The manual says: To resize a panel, move the mouse over the edges of the panel. When double-sided arrow appears, drag the panel to the required size." But no arrows appear. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Kevin Siegel

Try making your CP window larger... it may help.


I captured a software training session using a right mouse click on a screen using Captivate 5.
Saved, produced and got a warning that there is a right mouse click that can only be used in my browser. What does this mean? When the htm file runs, the right mouse click won't work? Do you have any suggestions?


I am having the same issue as Julie resizing panels. However, I have isolated the problem to just the Properties Panel. Doesn't seem to matter what size the window is.

Kevin Siegel

Try posting the published video to your Web server and see if it's okay there. I typically see right-click trouble when developers test the videos on local disks. Also, test the right-clicks in IE. I believe FireFox is okay, but Chrome and Safari may prove problematic.

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