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August 31, 2010


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Thanks for this, but... for some reason when I run the Quiz Analyzer it says new users should it download them and when I click yes the results don't update and there is only one name, I have followed your instructions to the letter but it still doesn't show new data, the only number that changes is the attempts. Hopefully you can help.



I tried this with my Adobe account info (confirmed to be the correct info). In the Configure Settings dialog box, I receive an error: "Unable to login. Please check your network connection." My connection is fine. Any ideas?


is acrobat free

Kevin Siegel

Acrobat? No. Oh yes.


Is there a way for a user to post results without having to register/sign-in to

Kevin Siegel

Hi Dan,

If you elect to use the route, then yes, your learners will need to sign in again (they won't have to register a second time but will need to enter their credentials). If you elect to use your own server, you could bypass the whole login and sign up process.

Patti Murphy

I'm having the same problem as Jona. When I log in, I get this message: "Unable to log in. Please check your network connection".

I can sign into the site with my adobe id and password. Help!

Kevin Siegel

When this has happened in the past, it is either due to a Firewall issue, lack of Admin rights or the Adobe server is down. I know that it's working today because I am teaching an online class today; 8 out of 8 students were able to use the feature without issue. Have you tried running your software as an Admin?


Followed these steps but once I set up the option the Post Result button doesn't show up anymore. Any ideas why? I've seen multiple post about this issue but no answers, please help. Thanks

Jack Butler

Using Captivate 5.5, I can upload test results from within Captivate in the preview mode. However, when I publish, I'm getting " login error" after I enter username and password. My guess is that this is related to flash security, but I can't track it down.

Any thoughts?

Kevin Siegel

Try putting the lesson on your web server and try again. Local links are often blocked.

Jack Butler

Moving the quiz to the web server seems to work. Thank you.

Does anyone have experience with reporting scores on It seems functional, but the reporting is somewhat limited.


nax maizels

can the captivate reporting software auto send an email to the user, which thereby permits the user to archive the score?


No. You can set up the Reporting to send to a hard coded email, but not one that you gather from the user like in a TEB. Also the same with the email widget. It can be a hard coded email address, but not one that you can fill in on the fly.

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