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May 25, 2011


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Colleen Valdez

I have Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 that I access on a remote server. For years I have converted word documents (forms) into pdf using this method & created the fields, saved to computer & loaded on company website for use. Our company had Adobe Reader 8 and all was well. Recently (3 weeks ago) users began calling stating that the document would not allow filling in of forms. I had Adobe Reader 10 loaded to my computer as well as a few of the users. Those users now can open and use the forms on our website. Unfortunately today after the Reader was loaded to my computer, I created a new form in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, made it fillable, enabled usage rights so users can save the data in the form & now neither myself nor the users who were upgraded to Adobe Reader X can fill the form in - it gives a message across the top that the form is in PDF/A mode & doesn't allow filling in of the form. The form was not loaded to the website but sent for testing via email. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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