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June 28, 2011


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Stewart Brown

When a user reviews the results of a quiz, is there a way in Captivate 5.5, to NOT show the correct answer checkmark on a wrong answer slide? This way the user can know the answer is wrong but does not blue checckmark for the correct answer. I want them to retake the quiz without knowing the correct answers in advance.



Good Morning,

Thanks for the information. The templates are a Godsend. I am a newbie to captivate. I created my first video yesterday. I am having difficulty with the quiz. I created a formative quiz in the video and when i run the video, the video will not advance to a new slide after the quiz results are displayed. I hear the audio portion, but I do not see the new slide. Can you help me with this?

steve harris

hi is there any way that ia user can print out a full summary of their quiz after they completed it. including the answers they have got incorrect. this would be great feedback oportunity i have tried a few widgets but they only print individual pages


Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, there is no automatic way printing all the quiz info. You can do it, but it will take a lot of work. What you need to do is after each questions, instead of Go To Next, you will need to create an advanced action that saves the learner's answer in a user variable and then does a GoToNext. Then, at the end of the quiz/lesson, show all of the user variables that you stored all of the learner's answers in on a slide and use the playbar's print icon to print that slide.


Hey Stewart,

No, unfortunately there is no way to not display that checkmark.


Hi Beth,

Double check your Preferences -> Quiz settings. Make sure that you have it set to Go To Next slide after completion of the quiz. If you are still having troubles, email me and I'll take a look in to it: [email protected]

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