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September 14, 2011


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Christy Tucker

I've had similar issues switching from dual to single monitor, usually when I walk away with my laptop for a meeting. One trick I figured out to reset it (short of plugging in a second monitor) is to force the laptop back to a single monitor display. Using Fn+F7 or whatever it is on your laptop, you can tell it to go back to the factory default single display. Resetting it should bring the wayward dialog box back into view, and you can then proceed to change the settings back to whatever you need for your presentation.

Just a quick tip for anyone who gets stuck without remembering to move the dialog box back before picking up their laptop!

Jeff Coatsworth

This comes up every so often in the Adobe Forums. I've seen it with FM and RH. Once suggestion goes like this:

Press Alt, Space, M.

Press any arrow key.

Waggle the mouse madly until the dialog box appears.

Click to drop it where you want.


So that's what happened to my Preferences box during my presentation yesterday ... fascinating! Thanks for tip.

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