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October 30, 2012


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Julie Wales

Hi there

I found this article fascinating and played with the branch aware myself and it works, up to a point. The quiz results page appears at the correct time but there are a few null results.

Maximum Score: NaN
Total number of questions: NaN
Accuracy: NaN

I have therefore started a brand new project with only some branching questions with, as far as I can see, the same settings as the other project and it works perfectly. I have sat comparing the 2 projects and the settings look the same. I have noticed on the project that isn't working correctly that the 'next' button in the questions are greyed out and not clickable. I have checked the settings and it states that the user can skip the questions, so I'm not sure why the 'next' button is greyed out.

Do you have any ideas what I've dont wrong?




Hi Julie,

Without looking at the erroneous project, I can only take a stab at the possible problem. My hunch is that you do not have the last question in each branch set to Jump to QuizResults slide and it is instead going on to a question not in the branch. Or perhaps you are using the navigation bar instead of the quiz buttons to move around? The next button is disabled (or greyed out) if you have set Edit->Preferences->Quiz->Settings Answer All set. This is the appropriate behavior.


A disadvantage with the "Branch aware' function is that the playbar becomes unavailable and in the TOC the user can only navigate to slides he has visited yet. Not very handy when you also have theory slides between the quizes.
When I now re-open the project in an lms, I start on the slide where I last finished but I can't click on the previously visited slides. I am looking for a way to send this data to the lms, but haven't found a solution yet.

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