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July 10, 2013


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(Sorry this is obviously the wrong blog to ask the question on, but not sure where to go.)

Hello, I need help figuring out why my quiz (captivate 4) advances through the first slide without giving the person time to answer the question and then hangs. Sometimes. On IE it works fine every time. On Firefox (and Chrome), that's where I experience this problem. The first time I click the link to load the quiz it does this. The SECOND time, it works fine. I've spent two days trying to find an answer, and can't find any threads that directly relate to my issue. I suspect it might have something to do with the preloader (which I have set to do 100% preloading), but I don't really know.

Question Properties:
allows user one chance
using hotspots

Question SLIDE properties:
display time 5 sec
no transition
on slide enter continue

publish settings:
flash player 9
Actionscript AS3
elearning output email

I have flash player 10 on my computer. Firefox 22.0. IE 10.0.9200... Chrome 28.0.1500.71

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide...

Kevin Siegel

The Preloader should never be set to 100%... 50% would be better. As for the performance issue, this could be a problem with using an older version of Captivate (you say you are using version 4).

I would suggest downloading the trial version of Cp6 from the Adobe site and opening your Cp4 project in that version (you cannot use Cp7 because it will not open a Cp4 project... Cp6 will). You can still get a trial of Cp6 if you download the eLearning Suite.

Once you've upgraded your project, publish the lesson and post it to your server. See if the problem persists.

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