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December 12, 2013


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MLA citation method is given above. What about the APA method? How to cite tweet as per APA rules?


For those using APA format:

Walther, AJ. [LogicalAJ]. (2013, October 17). Wanna read faster? Try these apps: Retrieved from http://t.co/52RNyeuyv8 [Tweet]. Retrieved from full URL


Hi Madhavi,

The Tweet2Cite site above gives both MLA and APA formats. For the tweet mentioned in the article above, APA citation would be:

Walther, A. [LogicalAJ]. (2013, Oct 17). Wanna Read Faster? Try These Apps http://t.co/52RNyeuyv8 #mLearning #edtech #iOS7 [Tweet]. Retrieved from https://twitter.com/LogicalAJ/status/390930260830982144

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