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September 18, 2014


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1. apprised
2. flesh out
3. flushed out
4. apprise
5. apprise
6. flesh out
7. apprised
8. flushed out
9. flesh out (nice - I see what you did there)
10. apprise - access

Nick Shears

1. The director asked me to keep her apprised of the project status.
2. We later met to flesh out the details of the project.
3. During the buyer's walk-through, some squirrels were flushed out of the attic.
4. Please apprise the seller of her rights regarding the negotiated price.
5. We need to apprise the governor of the details of the scam.
6. Can we flesh out this outline before we submit it to the client?
7. The plumber apprised me of the condition of the old iron pipes.
8. The main line needed to be flushed out to allow water to flow freely.
9. We met with the plumber to flesh out the plan for upgrading the pipes.
10. We need to apprise students of how to access the supplemental material.

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