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October 08, 2014


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Scott Skibell

Why not leverage YouTube or Vimeo?

To me that makes more sense than trying to setup one's own media server. The technology is already available from them. You can setup non-public videos in YouTube and just link to them. If you want more control, for $199/yr, you can go a Vimeo Pro route. To me, that's worth not having to deal with IT.

Adobe is doing us a disservice by not supporting Vimeo like they do YouTube but you can still link to a Vimeo video.


When I add a link to a video already on our web server, Captivate automatically chooses Adobe Media Streaming Service, and then I am unable to view the video when I publish and upload it to our site. This seems to be a predefined setting, even though I'm not using AMS. Is it possible to use the link to uploaded videos on your own server, or do you have to use AMS now. I'm currently creating in Captivate 7.


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