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April 03, 2015


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I think the term is absolutely a fad - it's not like the idea of making education fun hasn't occurred to anyone until now. I remember learning about currency around 2nd grade, getting a "checkbook" and plastic coins and getting to go to a store the teacher set up in one corner of my classroom. The term "gamification" didn't exist back then, but we were playing a game to reinforce learning.

I think as long as it's a reinforcement rather than a replacement I think it's a great thing. The first article you linked to mentioned preparing kids for a future that we can't imagine, and I think a certain shifting of the curriculum is necessary given the insanely fast growth of technology and thus human capability, but I just hope that history doesn't fall by the wayside. Sure, we need to think in new ways, but we also need to understand why people used to think in the old way in order to move forward.

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