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May 05, 2015


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Heather Thompson

Hello! I embedded a web object directly onto one of my captivate 8 slides. I opted to uses the Addess option from the Properties menu. The website displays appropriately when I play it back in the browser (F12 shortcut). However, when I published the project as a SWF and uploaded it to our LMS, Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

I extended the timeline and then selected the Loading Animation option thinking maybe it needs more time to load, but that did not help. Thoughts?


Kevin Siegel

What version of IE are you using? Older versions of IE would have problems with web objects.


Having similar problem as Heather - can preview the web object using f12, but on publish cannot see the object when viewing locally (opening the html file from the published folder - all other elements are visible, just not the embedded web page). Using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.130 m.
Also won't show in pdf version used for SME review.
Any thoughts welcome. Thanks.

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