Adobe Captivate 12: Update 12.1 Released Today

Adobe released an update to Captivate 12 today. Here's a link to download the update:

According to Adobe, here's what's changed in the 12.1 update.

  • Captivate doesn't allow you to select any file on macOS while using the Open URL or file action.
  • Captivate behaves unexpectedly when you select the Text tab of Success or Failure caption of a click box in a simulation project.
  • A valid numeric input in an input field produces an error.
  • Added a retry state for a Drag and Drop interaction when the number of attempts exceeds one.
  • When you try to apply an image filter on a cropped image, the filter isn't applied as expected.
  • Captivate behaves unexpectedly while creating a project on macOS. This happens when Captivate is installed with one user account and another user tries to launch Captivate.
  • Captivate may behave unexpectedly on Windows if you select the following fonts in a text object. 
    • Lucida Bright Demibold 
    • Lucida Fax Demibold

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