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November 14, 2008


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Catherine Carver

When implementing a 508-compliant Web course using Captivate, you can use closed captioning and accessibility text, and expect that blind users will have a screen reader. How much accessibility text do you recommend creating, and should it be used extensively (or minimally, or not at all) on every screen? Perhaps it is best to focus the use of accessibilty text at the start of a lesson, and then nominally throughout? This is a course on how to use a web interface for administrative tasks and regulations for a federal government agency. Thanks!

Cathy Brown

We have in place a PDF toolbox interface for our users. The main interface links to many other PDFs so users can jump back and forth within the information. I selected PDF as the basis for the toolbox because much of the information is developed by subject matter experts in a PowerPoint template - then they email those to me. I output to the files to PDF and then link them all together.

I just bought bought Captivate and have made a few recordings in our proprietory software. My goal is to either 1) Import a .ppt file into Captivate and combine that with a recording while keeping the option to hyperlinking back to our main PDF screen, or 2) Launching a Captivate recording from a link in a PDF file.

I've tried all day to make one of these options work, with no luck. Please advise if you know how to pull this off. Thanks


Buttons and audio has some problems.
I have created a one slide lesson. Slide properties has 29 sec. audio file. A text start button. When I start the module, the slide is displayed and the audio is playing weel. When the audio stops playing or reaches at end everything stops. After audio stops playing, I then try to clcik on text start button and nothing happens. I have also provided an ALT key and after pressing the alt key nothing happens.
In case you know the answer, I appreciate your help for resolution.

Kim Vitek - Union Gas Ltd

I have Adobe Captivate 3. I primarily use it to record voice to a powerpoint presentation. The past few times that I’ve imported a ppt – not all of the slides come over to Captivate. Sometimes, just the first slide comes over. I don’t have trouble with ppts that were created a while ago but ppts that have been created recently are troublesome. How can I get Captivate to retrieve all of the slides from the ppt?

Kevin Siegel

Kim, I have seen this before when the PowerPoint presentation is using colors other than standard colors. You might want to check your master slides and ensure that only standard colors are being used throughout your presentation.


Kim Vitek - Union Gas Ltd

Thank you Kevin - you're a genius. That's what the problem was, I was using a customized slide design.

Jacques du Toit

Hi Kevin,

I am trying to record a 'full motion vid' in Captivate 4 of an application. However, when I finish recording it only produces one blank slide (equal in time length to my entire recording) and one very short stationary slide.

Can you please advise me?




Hello Kevin,

I used your book on Captivate 3 in the past and am planning on purchasing your latest book on Captivate 4. Overall, I really enjoy the training you provide, so a hearty thanks for your efforts.

I do have a question (from my work colleague) on Captivate 4.

He has created a sample quiz. But, when he reviews the quiz (with deliberate incorrect answers), the display box for "The Correct Answer was..." is hidden behind other buttons.

So, here's my question. Is there a way to ensure that "The Correct Answer box or field" remains on top when published? Also, are there templates out there that can globally fix font size, display and layout - simply by applying a "good" template to the Captivate project? I think I have summed up my colleague's question. I will have him participate in this discussion here too.

Thanks in advance for your time.




how about the alternate tags for any inserted images?



I hope you can help, this is doing my heads in...

I have inserted a button (named Back) when a User clicks on this Back Button it should Jump back to a particular slide, but it doesn’t when I click on the Button it keeps jumping back to the same slide. I have gone in the Settings of the button and have setup the correct commands. It works fine if I wish to jump forward to another slide.

What am I doing wrong. Something so simple shouldn’t be so hard.


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