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February 26, 2009


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Can you publish comments (for a shared review) using Acrobat 9?

Pam Conrad

But what about the Properties toolbar? That is not listed in the Customize toolbars dialog box. I used this toolbar all the time in Acrobat 7 standard. It allows me to change the color of a comment balloon, apply bold to text, and so much more. I upgraded to Acrobat 9 Pro. I had this toolbar for awhile but now no matter what is selected I am told "No current selection" where the toolbar should be and I do not have access to the Properties tools. Please help! this is driving me mad. Thanks. pam

David Mankin

It's not listed in the Tools menu, but it is still there. Ctrl-E will toggle it off & on. It is historically flaky! It used to lock up for several versions, and the only fix was to exit Acrobat & restart the program. I wish it were programmed to be more inclusive - giving properties of ANYTHING that's selected. Each version of Acrobat is a whole new chapter of good & bad things with this great little toolbar, unfortunately.


Mark Patterson

Where is the tool icon that shows the web address for the Acrobat document you're viewing? In MS apps you can have a tool that shows the URL of the document you're working on and Acrobat 8 had it also. I've tried to find it in my 9 Pro and have failed. I use this tool to creat hyperlinks and am puzzled with Acrobat 9?


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