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January 28, 2010


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Steve Gray

Hey, Barbara, I was going over your description of the tab process, and it's very nicely done. One thing I'm noticing, though, is when I try and edit the tabs via Paragraph Designer, the lower-left button on the pop-up is labeled "Continue," rather than "Edit." It seems to be preventing me from changing or adding tabs that way. A double-click on the tab marker in the tab bar works properly, with an "Edit" on that button, so I'm not completely stuck.

Here is a grab of the popup in question:

Do you know if this is normal behavior? Or did I uncover a bug of some sort?

(I'm using Framemaker 9 as part of Technical Communication Suite 2.)



Hi Steve:

What you discovered is a FrameMaker inconsistency! If I double-click the tab setting in Paragraph Designer the button reads Edit. If I double-click the tab arrow under the ruler, the button shows Continue. Everything else seems to be exactly the same, so you can use either technique.

All my years in FrameMaker and I never noticed. Your attention to detail is why you are a successful technical writer, while I make my living as a trainer! :-)


P.S. Glad you liked the Tab series, and thanks for letting me know.

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