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August 12, 2010


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Mary Bercik

You are a genius. My hero. I'm not sure how you figured it out, but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Whomever programmed that into Windows 7 will have some really bad karma to work off in another life.


Thanks - this is very helpful!
My Word doesn't contain the "Balloon Text" nor "Comment Text" styles.
Is there a way to define these styles by myself and relate them specifically to Balloons and Comments?


Thank you *so* much! This works in Word 2010 too. I am so grateful for your expert advice; I would never have found my own way to the solution. I was going distracted and wasting such a lot of time ...



Keith Miller

Thanks for that; just another feature that was trivial to deal with in Office 2003, and obscure to the point of insanity in Word 2007+. 3 cheers for M$ and that asinine ribbon.


Dear Jennie ,
You are second to none!!! Thanks so much

Jane J

ur a star ^_^

thanks a lot


OMG! Just spent 45 minutes trying to find how to do this in W 2010 on my own and your answer worked first time! Very clear, concise instructions. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (now I hope I remember this!)


Tried to go through this but still can't figure it out -- I have Word for Mac 2011. The "show markup" preferences don't allow me to change font or anything in balloon text (just turn it on or off); and when I go to styles I can't find "balloon text." Any ideas?


Ah okay -- this one works:

Select Format > Styles in the main menu bar
In the list to the left, click on Balloon Text
Click on the Modify button
In the Formatting category, select a larger size
If you want this change to apply to new documents, check Add to template
Click on OK
Click on Close

Victor D

You complete me. Thank you.

Andy Fernandez

Your a genius!


I used to be able to change the font size in the balloon/commnet text using the above procedure, but it suddenly stopped working.
I even tried making a New Style but it somehow ends up changing the main body text. What gives????


thank you thank you thank you. I cannot tell you how annoying, discouraging, and outright demoralizing trying to get the comments to appear at a decent size was for me.


Lovely, thank you Jennie. Well hidden Microsoft!

Peter V. Brett

The scant remains of my sanity thank you, Jennie.


Microsoft sucks...posts like these makes them usable, Keep it up!

The Man in black

Thanks for your help. Splendid!!! Was completely lost in space.

Whoever designed this in Word should be ashamed of himself


I love you. That is all.


Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for the information is complete.


Great! thanks!

Bill Bosler

Microsoft sure makes simple things hard to understand. Thanks for the clear explanation :)


Thank you so much. This has helped ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Hughes

Thanks incredibly helpful!!!

Bryan Reed

This was indeed very helpful. Judging from a Google search for this exact problem, it looks like Word developed a bug quite a long a time ago where it randomly sets your balloon text to all have a font size of 1. And, unlike all other text, you can't select the text and change the size. Instead you have to find a normally-hidden style and edit it. How on earth would a casual user guess that that's what you have to do? This, my friends, is what poor user-interface design looks like!

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