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October 01, 2010


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Proofreading Professional

If you want to improve at anything, the best way to improve is to simply DO IT, to practice, to train, and to get better through the process of doing. Of course, it's not simply a matter of writing and writing, rather, you have to write well and learn proper English language writing. Punching a tree every day for years on end doesn't make you a black belt in Karate, you have to get an instructor.


In order to proofread efficiently, whether on the computer or in the margins of a document, I find it essential to be familiar with editing and proofreading marks. Here's a link to a really comprehensive list that is printable. I have it bookmarked and refer colleagues to it if they are ever unsure of my marks.


This is sadly one thing I do suffer terribly from. While I do try to use word to correct any errors it doesn't pick them all up (particularly grammar). But you can probably tell that from this one comment.

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