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September 04, 2013


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Marvin DuBois

It is, indeed, an easy matter to set up Cap7 quizzes so that users who *fail* them can redo them. But what about users who pass a quiz? There are many occasions when this is desirable. For example, a student who passes a quiz 10 minutes after having studied the material may well benefit from another go at it a week or two later, when the material is no longer fresh in his or her mind. With Cap7, however, once a quiz has been reviewed, retaking it is no longer possible.

This is an unacceptable limitation. Do you have any idea about how to get around this? Thank you. Marvin DuBois

Lori Smith

Hi Marvin,

Unfortunately this is indeed a limitation in Captivate. However, if you are using an LMS, you can simply put the entire quiz structure in to it's own lesson and then change you LMS settings to wipe out the score and force them to retake the quiz lesson. Or, you can simply insert the quiz twice and have one lesson not be activated until 2 weeks after the initial lesson is passed. LMS's allow this type of time period manipulation whereas Captivate is "in the moment".

Other thoughts are to not allow bookmarking either in the CP lesson itself and and the LMS settings. This should force the user to retake the whole lesson each time they enter it - including quiz.


Some LMS's have a review mode, it will let you take the course again but not record any quiz or lesson completion info.

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