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October 30, 2015


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Thanks Kevin. This is a great feature. I am finding, however, that the button text on the RollOver and Down states becomes misaligned even though the text and Properties are the same as the Normal state. Have you seen this? If so, do you know how to fix it?

Lori Smith

Hi Tracy,
First, double check your version of Captivate. I have the latest at I cannot make your situation happen with Buttons, though I do vaguely remember seeing it a while back, so it may have been fixed in an upgraded version.

I do, however, still see the situation you are describing when using a Shape as a button.

Scenario 1:
Insert a shape on the slide
set it to use as a button
on prop panel, left alight text
now look at state view - all are left aligned.

Scenario 2:
Insert a shape on the slide
FIRST on prop panel, left alight text
NOW set it to use as a button
now look at state view - normal is left aligned, but all others are not

You can also now set an object's style on a per state basis. So take a look at your object style manager. You may have something oddly set there.

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