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January 19, 2016


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Kevin Siegel

After I wrote the article above, I received the following helpful information from fellow Captivate developer Lieve Weymeis:

Kevin, in the article about changing INI file for Win10, some very important info is missing:

1. You have to do this only for retina screens, not for normal screens and just to capture such a retina screen

2. When finishing the capture you have to restore the old INI file or you will have issues with Captivate being too small to read on the retina screen.

I always keep both INI files on the desktop to switch easily.

Peter Grainge

I think it is Windows that disallowed editing the ini file in the Program Files folder. I hit this with something else and the workaround I used was to copy the file to another location, edit it and then copy it back. Windows does allow that!


Peter's workaround worked for me as I was unable to even change the access levels in the folder properties.

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