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September 21, 2016


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Jessie Chuang

Nice writing!
Letting every learning designer set vocab. as they choose isn't necessarily a good thing, maybe 2 learning designers in a company aren't using the same vocab. for a specific event, not to say all designers in the industry. Also they aren't dataviz designers, so only the most primitive chart with vocab. counts are available for them. Better way could be to import vocab. set according to recipes pre-designed. On the other hand, authoring tool might not handle the "context" data, they must allow designers to set context information such as parent, category etc.
We approach this by designing vocab, recipes, dataviz at the same time, so the dataviz isn't only verb counts or time spent, it has built-in structure mapped with activity structure. And then wrappers are provided for programmers, they don't need to understand xAPI recipes, just fill in blanks with needed data properties. (wrappers: https://wiki.visualcatch.org/en/viscawrapper.html)

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