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May 30, 2019


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Holly French

I love this idea! My issue with conducting online training is that the trainer MUST work much harder to engage their audience while still trying to make the training impactful. I need to try this.

Kevin Siegel

Hi Holly,

Teaching online isn’t easy and engaging a virtual audience isn’t common sense. I’d encourage you to attend an upcoming Certified Online Training Professional course where we tackle these kinds of issues. (

Dr. Joanne hunter

Where does the data go/how is the data presented after participants answer the poll? Does everyone see participants answers or just the teacher? or is this just a measure to keep participants busy, happy and good?

Kevin Siegel

Hi Joanne,

In a survey/test created by the training space, the results can often be stored by the training platform and you can run reports on them. In the example that I show in the article, this isn't a true survey or quiz so the responses aren't stored anywhere. I use this kind of interaction for informal polling. Of course, I also record the sessions so attendees can view the results later.

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