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October 20, 2010


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Hi David, could you tell me how to access a feature very similar to this pan and zoom feature. I once accidentally activated but am not able to use it again.

It shows a thumbnail of page on upper right hand side, with the visible are in light and hidden area in dark shade. One can zoom a page by simply scrolling over that thumbnail.


David Mankin


It sounds like you may have used Acrobat's Loupe Tool. To use it again, you must first unhide it, since it is not initially visible. Right-click on your Select & Zoom Toolbar and click on the Loupe Tool to unhide it. Once it appears on your toolbar, click on it to activate it, and then click on your page.

The only other tool in Acrobat that does this sort of thing is the above-mentioned Pan & Zoom tool. Might you have actually turned on your Operating System's screen magnification capability accidentally?

I hope this helps,



Thanks David,

But unfortunately it isn't Loupe tool or Select & Zoom Toolbar, though functionality is very similar..
Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about:

(See top right corner)


Finally...I found it, accidentally of course. All one has to do is double middle click!

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