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August 23, 2019


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Hi Kevin,

I am doing an analysis to determine whether I should upgrade from Storyline 2 to Storyline 3, OR Articulate 360. Do you have any suggestions? Really wanting a product that is stable, allows one to build a scenario, ask the user questions and then branch off based on their answers.

Also would love your suggestion on a tool where I can create games and have the user play them in Adobe Connect (no need to track these). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kevin Siegel

Ramona, assuming you’re not constrained by budget, 360 is your best bet (vs Storyline 3) given the huge gallery of assets you get along with the other tools. Using Triggers and Variables you can create all manner of games and interactions in Storyline.

The other big player in this market is Adobe Captivate which works wonderfully with Connect and Prime. If money is a concern, Captivate’s subscription is half the price of Storyline.

I offer training and support for both Captivate and Storyline so I’ve got you covered either way.

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